Time To Move On

Such emotions that wash over me and through me like a sharp cold knife that pierces the heart
The touch of bitterness and anguish burn inside my soul.
I hate you
I hate you because you pushed me out
How cruel you were to me how thoughtless and rude
How selfish to think that you thought by building a wall of silence would keep me from being harmed.
The words that you spoke to me when you said you loved me, I laugh at them now like the wind that blows through the trees.
It consumes me and I am drowning in my thoughts of pain
The question that I want answered is how do I ride myself of you and these sensless obsessions that crowd my mind.
Time to move on as you moved on so easily
You found some other muse to put me off and escape the reality that nothing between us is resolved
So we pretend that nothing is wrong
How pious God must think of us as we sit so quietly in His house on Sunday
Both of us doing our duty before God and Man yet neither of us is willing to confess the offense that is taking its root to divide
How long will this go I
I curse this wrechedness this hold of bitterness has got to go
I surrender now I raise the white flag
I give up this useless battle this war is not going to end well
So you go on with your way and I will set my weaopns down I refuse to allow your actions to get the better of me anymore
I am going to move on and wash myself from the dross of bitterness and angery tears
I have a life worth living and one that is not spent on hopes of you returning and making things right
I stand before God this day and give HIM my Heart
He is worth holding it for safe keeping and in Him I can depend
I know my God will never hurt me nor will He abandon me like you have
Its Time to move on and I am good with that.

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