If There was a Way…

If there was a way I could reach you tonight
I would come as fast as I as might
Knowing that tonight while you sleep …… please I hope you are dreaming of me
I miss your dancing laughing eyes
You smile that makes me warm inside
I miss the way your voice sounds so tender and gentle, such a rhythmic calm
That brings a peace to my heart
I miss you deeply and I wish I could be with you
Knowing that you are close by…………. I hate the distance that divides
I wish for some comfort, some sign of your mind
But hush and silence follows…………. such hollowness brings shuttering of an unsteady beat
This one is for you if you read my words………. perhaps I love you………….perhaps its just a phantom of wants
But the heart wants what is wants sometimes…………. I wonder what yours wants
How often I look up to the moon and wonder if you are looking too
Perhaps its just a foolish game, a foolish notion of a foolish girl
Speak to me and let me know……….. let me in………… or just let me go
If I am not the one you want then please let us speak our peace and be done
Listen to the eyes that speak many things
The shut mouth is enticing to kiss the lips of a forbidden lover
Precious is the time and the tie that binds
But if its not meant to be then be gone for all time
I would not waste or wish to waste emotions that are not meant for you and me
Such a path of misery would it be and cast us out in blots of pains
Such nonsense is just vain
Speak the truth and let it come forth
Hold not back if things are not so
Let my words come across to you and let them be what reaches you
Then come to me while I sleep and enter into my dreams and let us speak plainly of what is to be
For when the dawn rises upon us our worlds will fade away until another night comes our way

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