I have come to despise these quirky aggravations and slurs of the speech
These little slips of the tongue that are quick to divide the harmony and take bitterness inside
These lies and rumors that are spread like wild fire and has caught the wind
No respect for those who are in authority or have a position that needs acknowledgment
This generation in which we live is a me first mentality and takes not responsibility for what one has done
People are quick to get so offended over the silliest of things, they remain slaves to how they hinder themselves
And hinder so many possibilities and opportunities for profitable gain
My country is falling apart as our leaders point the finger, no one will admit their faults and mistakes in poor choices
The disgrace has fallen on those who deserve honor, their names are torn down and mocked with distain
Where are the brave ones who will stand up for what is right no matter the cost even the cost of life
Where are the courageous to stand in the face of adversity and defy those who are wrong
Where are the gentle to persuade those who have turned astray and bring them back into the right of light
Where are the heroes of great moving speeches who taught us morals and the cost that brought the freedom of speech
How is it that ignorance is the rule of the land and poverty of soul and mind consumes the vain soul
Violence is the normality of the day and peace is a dream or song sung in a forgotten lullaby
Our children are lazy and expect things to be handed to them because they believe you owe it to them
Work is a joke and play is the thing to do
Who cares what goes on in the world as long as my world and my things I want to do are not disrupted
And I have to pay attention to you
Lady Liberty begins to weep and who will dry her tears
The blood of the past begins to cry out
History does indeed repeat itself only in different forms and different times
Different people but they all have the same mind
Poverty to the soul
Poverty to the mind
Poverty to the body
Poverty to the heart
Life has become so vain and filled with shallow people
O for a man of substance and conviction
A man of true grit and honor
That would dress by the code of truth and integrity
Is there such a man or woman who would still fly the colors of freedom

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