My Friend Poem

My friend I stand in judgment now,
Some how I feel youre to blame.
On earth I walked with you day by day
And never did you point the way.
You knew the Lord in truth and glory,
But you never did tell me the story.
My knowledge then was so very dim,
And you could have led me straight to Him.
And though we lived together on earth,
You never told me of a second birth.
And now I stand here condemned,
Because you failed to mention Him.
You taught me many things that’s true,
I called you friend, I trusted you.
But now I’ve learned that its too late,
And you could have saved me from this fate.
We walked and talked by day and night,
And yet you showed me not the light.
And you let me live and love and die,
And you knew that I would never live with you on high.
Yes, I called you friend in life,
And trusted you through joy and strife.
And yet, on coming to the end, I cannot call you now my friend.

Is there any friends that
could say this about you?
Ezekiel chs. 3 & 33;Leviticus 5

(This Poem is not original with me it was sent to me by a friend of a friend)

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Time To Move On

Such emotions that wash over me and through me like a sharp cold knife that pierces the heart
The touch of bitterness and anguish burn inside my soul.
I hate you
I hate you because you pushed me out
How cruel you were to me how thoughtless and rude
How selfish to think that you thought by building a wall of silence would keep me from being harmed.
The words that you spoke to me when you said you loved me, I laugh at them now like the wind that blows through the trees.
It consumes me and I am drowning in my thoughts of pain
The question that I want answered is how do I ride myself of you and these sensless obsessions that crowd my mind.
Time to move on as you moved on so easily
You found some other muse to put me off and escape the reality that nothing between us is resolved
So we pretend that nothing is wrong
How pious God must think of us as we sit so quietly in His house on Sunday
Both of us doing our duty before God and Man yet neither of us is willing to confess the offense that is taking its root to divide
How long will this go I
I curse this wrechedness this hold of bitterness has got to go
I surrender now I raise the white flag
I give up this useless battle this war is not going to end well
So you go on with your way and I will set my weaopns down I refuse to allow your actions to get the better of me anymore
I am going to move on and wash myself from the dross of bitterness and angery tears
I have a life worth living and one that is not spent on hopes of you returning and making things right
I stand before God this day and give HIM my Heart
He is worth holding it for safe keeping and in Him I can depend
I know my God will never hurt me nor will He abandon me like you have
Its Time to move on and I am good with that.

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You read about those who have loved and lost, those who have sung songs and ballads of some tragic tale of love gone wrong.
If anything could be said about what I put up with perhaps someone would be amused enough to put music to these pitiful words.
I can’t help but think even though our time was short, that we did have a sort of love, but it was cut off short.
What pride does when one doesn’t want to admit when they are wrong but instead chooses to shut down and walk away like nothing was ever said or that we never met.
A cruel trick of the hand played and a nasty sharp word of ignoring silence
Icy darts of cold disappointed angered eyes are cast in the room, yet no one speaks
The offense has been committed and no one is willing to raise the white flag.
I never actually thought you would do what you did, but then you were never one for sharing much of anything.
Such quiet manners and deeps thoughts dwell in you or was that just shadows of shallow ends that I mistook for substance?
What was it that I did that caused you to turn on me so, to say goodbye in the coldest meaningless way via text on your cell phone.
I find it so bitter and so heartless that just a few weeks before reading your hollow words that you uttered this once heart joy happy sentence that every girl wants to hear and believe, “I believe I am falling in love with you.”
So soon was it spoken and yet almost regretted I see that now as the year has passed by and still no one speaks to each other.
Funny how that in the darkest hours of the night the thoughts and memories come up and torment with the what should haves and could haves and wishes and pains, the tears and the crying, the joys and the laughter the sorrow that soon grips the heart and squeezes the life out of you to the point that bitterness seems almost sweet and kind.
So I finally put up my white flag and I wrote to you.
I have been offended and I am tired of this silent wall. I apologize for having feelings for you and I apologize for letting you into my life.
I wish I never met you, but then honestly that is not true.
I am glad we met and I am glad our time was short for had it been any longer I think I would have died.
Not from a broken heart mind you but died from embarrassment from being taken in for a fool. I am glad I never told you how I was beginning to feel.
I am glad that I never spoke my heart, for it would have been all in vain.
So I apologize for it all and yet I feel sorry for you.
Pride can be good but not when it comes to admitting when you are wrong, that takes courage and you my friend have none.

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Rumors That Fly Around

Nasty little rumors fly around
Nasty little sayings go around
Nasty little whispers go in ear to ear
Nasty little words spoken here
Spoken there
What a nasty little smile you have on your face
As if you have something almost miss placed
What a nasty painted grin with a perfect white smile
What a keen nasty look that flashes in your eye
As you walk right by
Impossible you are as you come near by
Impossible to stand close as your perfume surrounds
Making me dizzy, the room spinning around
Intoxicating nectar that fills my lungs
As I breathe in and close my eyes
We are standing side by side
We are laughing in chorus
You take my hand and gently kiss it
As you, take me to the floor
The music starts and we dance
What a pair we make you and me
You so prejudice, me so proud
Nasty little looks
Nasty little smirks
Nasty little remarks that they say
Therefore, I will say Mr. Darcy
What a Nasty little rumors have you heard today
You impossible boy

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Learning to say Goodbye

Seeing someone after you have had to say goodbye to or let go in your life is never quite the same. There is always that awkwardness that follows. Your not sure if you can talk to them or even look them in the eye. When you see them does your heart jump and then hit rock bottom right after, that pain of guilt or regret in how things ended, the remembrance of words that were said or not said but thought of when you were with them before the goodbye. I often wonder how things would have been if things had not happened or if they were even done different. However, when it comes right down to it, you cannot change what transpired and you just have to let it go. Funny, it’s easier said than done to just let it go. They say that there will be a day when you wake up and all the pain your heart is feeling after seeing that person who once was dear and maybe even still dear to your heart, will pass away. That’s when you know they are happy and you can move on knowing that even though you cannot see or talk to them right now, maybe one day in the future you will be able to sit down with them and be the best of friends again but for now…now you have to say goodbye and have the grace to let them go with dignity and respect.

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You held me in your loving arms

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Player to My Heart

Player to my heart, you are a real smooth talker
With that melting, lop sided grin and perfect white smile
You get just about anything
Big Blue Eyes that tease and dance with pleasure
You can look at anything you please but you will not steal away this heart of mine
Cause I know your kind
Handsome as can be
Strong and able
Have a nice hot ride to make all the girls want to go anywhere with you
The music you play makes hearts beat to you tune
You know just what to say to make the girls look your way
You got the move and you got the groove
However, you not going to steal this heart of mine
Cause I know your kind
Talk of good times to have
Pleasure to fill all around
What this night would be if…
Nevertheless, I will not give in to you
No, I will not give in to you
I know your kind
A smooth talking liar.

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Alone in This Crowd

Alone in this crowd I begin to feel
These feelings of solitude cloud around
Its cold and a shiver run up and down my spine
An icy chill almost like the breath of death
Moreover, the rain pours down from the sky above
Thunder claps her mighty hands and Lighting her brother
Cracks his thin eerie yellow whip to light up the dark night
And the wind begins to cry with a woeful mourn
How do you get away from this feeling of despair?
How to you stand up with your head held high?
How can you smile when the world shuts you out?
How can you breathe with no air?
Suffocation is pressing in
Moreover, I shout for the sun to shine, but even when her face is bright the heat of depression blasts forward and I fall down on my knees
Tears running down my face
I give up; I cannot go on with this game
I am tired of knowing what goes on and being stabbed in the heart.
The lies of deceit do not satisfy my taste that longs for the truth of why you ran away
How do you get away from being lonely?
How do you stand on your feet?
How can you go to work and forget about what you did
But I do not care anymore it’s not worth my time
So go on and love with your sorry pitiful life
I will not care anymore
I do not know why I bothered to think that maybe you could change
Cause I now shout freedom, freedom from this bondage of sorrow
My heart is free from this emptiness of bitterness, I look the heavens above, and that is how I keep from being lonely in this crowd!

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Let the Stars Fall Tonight

Let the stars fall from the sky tonight
Let me just lay here under the night sky
Let me count them one by one
I do not care if they fall all around
Destroy the thoughts of yesterday
Destroy the pain that echoes in my beating heart
Dissolve the haunting memories
Disfigure the faces of them all
Display a new charade and call for Peace to enter my trembling soul
Let the Stars fall from the sky tonight
Perhaps tonight one will fall and crush me out of my misery
I hate these lies that go around spreading like a never-ending disease
Once upon a starry night a promise was given
Till the stars fall down will  love never cease
Now tonight as I look up into this dark black sea of sky
I search for the moon but she has hid her face and her children the Stars
have all fled away
I call to them now
Let my voice rise to their ears
Let the stars fall from the sky tonight
Let them rain all around
Like a storming cloud of anger
Crush me and end my ongoing chatter
I am no longer worthy to see, to feel, to laugh, to love
I have fallen into a pit and wish for it to be covered
So let the Stars fall from the sky
Let them be the last thing I see
As I watch them fall high from above to end this crazy dream

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Fires of Memories to Fade away

The thing I like about fires is that they burn away memories which should be forgotten. Like pictures of the past that hold on to you like a leach. Throw them away and watch them melt in the hot burning flame. Turning into coils of white ashes that rise up in the heat and float up in the night sky. They quickly dissolve into nothing. The memory is erased and destroyed forever. Never again to be looked upon for remembrance. Never again to be retrieved to hold in ones hands and look over it tenderly. Howbeit, the memories of the mind are locked away and often make their haunts in the darkest hour of the night. when one wishes for the sun and it does not rise. When one seeks the light at the end of the tunnel and sees it not, but knows some where that it is there. When one would wish to be tossed in the flame to burn away unwanted memories. But how the scars do mar and blister. How cold meets the heat and the swelling of it fester. Let the memory just burn away. Yet it lingers still etched in the mind for all time. But away from its hall to walk down on memory lane. Soon in time it shall fade in the distant past. Keep moving on, Life is not over yet. Watch the flame and let it hypnotize. When the flame dies down the ashes will flicker and glow, fade away. Fade away.

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