Lady in White

Lady in White

Tantalizing mysterious seemingly extremely to dubious in the least
Its almost scandalous being the way you are
How you capture the rapture of every ones attention
So delirious and out of everyone league
They all want to be with you and stand by your side
You walk with such confidence and yet you are shy
How can this be you amaze me, your eyes the way you stare of into another world, what is it that you see that I can’t
The sound of your voice is hypnotizing makes me want to fall asleep at the command of your word
The quick with the wit of your mind as you tease surprises me and takes me back at your bold amusing laugh
Your smile is the poison that kills me
I joy at the thought at you being right here but you are so far from anything but close yet so dear
You laugh is amusing with pure delight
Its hard not to notice how you capture the light yet a shadow of some kind falls across your face
Some dark secret to withhold and not divulge
And yet it somehow eludes the presence of anything that is troubling you from within
You eyes dance with pleasure and allure to the soul
Though I can see a faint tear stain upon your lovely cheek
Its hard not to notice this feeling that is growing on me more
Tantalizing mysterious and seemingly dubious
Causes such a delirious delight of emotion and comfort to be in your company
What is the thought of your enchanting mind
Your silence is calming yet unsettling at to what you may do or say next
How can you cast such a spell over me and I am helpless as I watch your every move
You are the phantom that moves silently yet I hear your steps coming so softly
Tantalizing mysterious and seemingly dubious
How you confuse and delight with a passion
Confident in everything you do
Yet so quiet and gentle its hard to overlook
Your eyes speak you mind and pierce through my heart
It’s all so tantalizing and mysterious and seemingly dubious
How you capture with rapture my every attention
~ Jasmine Alexia Jordan

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Let the Stars Fall Tonight

Let the stars fall from the sky tonight
Let me just lay here under the night sky
Let me count them one by one
I do not care if they fall all around
Destroy the thoughts of yesterday
Destroy the pain that echoes in my beating heart
Dissolve the haunting memories
Disfigure the faces of them all
Display a new charade and call for Peace to enter my trembling soul
Let the Stars fall from the sky tonight
Perhaps tonight one will fall and crush me out of my misery
I hate these lies that go around spreading like a never-ending disease
Once upon a starry night a promise was given
Till the stars fall down will  love never cease
Now tonight as I look up into this dark black sea of sky
I search for the moon but she has hid her face and her children the Stars
have all fled away
I call to them now
Let my voice rise to their ears
Let the stars fall from the sky tonight
Let them rain all around
Like a storming cloud of anger
Crush me and end my ongoing chatter
I am no longer worthy to see, to feel, to laugh, to love
I have fallen into a pit and wish for it to be covered
So let the Stars fall from the sky
Let them be the last thing I see
As I watch them fall high from above to end this crazy dream

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