Washed Away

I cannot explain the breaking up of my heart, yet here again I stand upon the parapet out stretched high about the sea of tears. Spinning around in an endless whirl of disappointments and lost expectations, wondering whether it was fair, right, or wrong. The indifference of it all is sharp and pointed like a knife piercing the tender throbs of the heart. I stand here in the rain of shame with no covering to hide my face. I am cold and shiver like the north wind that chafes the unprotected cheeks and lashes harshly again and again leaving red puffy welts.

If surgery could be performed to remove my beating heart and leave me yet alive, I would have it removed and placed in a secret place to where none would every prey upon it again. I would have it locked away until the pain of this misery were forgotten. But this is foolishness. How would one learn to live through the downs of life? We cannot just run away from that which we do not wish to face, no matter the unpleasant circumstance may be. The Demons may come but they will not hold control over us lest we bid them to. Bitterness mixed with sweetness in the taste of an apprehensive goodbye stings in the aftermath of the decision made and words that were said. The flood of emotions washes over the soul. I just want to be washed away along with the tide and forgotten with the humiliating truth of being played for a fool.


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Alone in This Crowd

Alone in this crowd I begin to feel
These feelings of solitude cloud around
Its cold and a shiver run up and down my spine
An icy chill almost like the breath of death
Moreover, the rain pours down from the sky above
Thunder claps her mighty hands and Lighting her brother
Cracks his thin eerie yellow whip to light up the dark night
And the wind begins to cry with a woeful mourn
How do you get away from this feeling of despair?
How to you stand up with your head held high?
How can you smile when the world shuts you out?
How can you breathe with no air?
Suffocation is pressing in
Moreover, I shout for the sun to shine, but even when her face is bright the heat of depression blasts forward and I fall down on my knees
Tears running down my face
I give up; I cannot go on with this game
I am tired of knowing what goes on and being stabbed in the heart.
The lies of deceit do not satisfy my taste that longs for the truth of why you ran away
How do you get away from being lonely?
How do you stand on your feet?
How can you go to work and forget about what you did
But I do not care anymore it’s not worth my time
So go on and love with your sorry pitiful life
I will not care anymore
I do not know why I bothered to think that maybe you could change
Cause I now shout freedom, freedom from this bondage of sorrow
My heart is free from this emptiness of bitterness, I look the heavens above, and that is how I keep from being lonely in this crowd!

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Million Miles Away

Seems like million miles away and so far apart yet you are in my very heart
Seem like years have passed by and yet its only been a few short weeks
What can I express in these words I write
How will I know that you are listening to the words I speak
When you haven’t even taken the time to read them
A million miles away in your mind and yet you stand before me
A million miles away and yet you only watch my lips moving
A million miles away and yet you do not hear what I am saying
A million miles away and you do not see me though I am only an arm’s length away
Smiles and laughter bring joy and happiness to our hearts
The silent words and messages we send to one another
Fall upon deaf ears and the feeling is gone
What is thought of is only imagined and it plagues the silly hearted mind
Blushing red like a rose come to full color and shamed at the very thought
Burning like the desert sun upon the yellow sands
Swelling up with pride like the ocean in the deep
Crashing against the sea walls in an endless furry or so it seems
Waiting for some sound of music to calm the troubled soul
Waiting for time to take away this endless toll
Standing still in hopes of something that is on the very edge
A slim hope of what might be perceived as mere nothingness in the end
An out stretched hand is waiting to be held
A longing to be recognized and yet still a stranger
You see me and yet you don’t
You see me and yet you walk on by
How I want to scream at you but that would never do
Only when you need me is when I become visible
And yet in those few times when you acknowledge me
I am still far from your mind
A million miles away and so far apart and yet you are in my heart
A million miles away in your mind and yet you stand before me
A million miles away and yet you only watch my lips moving
A million miles away and yet you do not hear what I am saying
A million miles away and you do not see me though I am only an arm’s length away……………………………..
A Million Miles away
And you do not see me
Thought I am only an arm’s length away………………….

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